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how it works

In order to asure the best service, short reaction time and top professionel understanding of the technology we provide our solution directly to you.

This also allows us to provide our solution at lowest possible cost - as small kit of camera and computer.


the digital solution

We are not just replacing old school technology of measuring tape, but establish a new method of working.


Ever considered to have quality inspection as your distinction? What happens when purchase have to decide between manufacturer who provide inspection data all digtial and just in time and the other not?

Bring your quality into right spot.


See and anlyse more than a human eye could detect or hands might be able to quickly process.

Parallelism, rotation of sew lines or shrinkage from one to the other side - we bring new inside of your garment.


Get almost 100 % precision - we provide the sweet spot of overpriced high performance camera and the need within apparael manufacturing.


How fast - is fast enough? How about a touch of a button to measure all measure lines you need?

The rest is up to.


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